How to Repost on Instagram?

Instagram is definitely the hottest social network of the moment; the platform acquired by Facebook several years ago is depopulated in an impressive way at every latitude of the globe. If before the main user of Instagram was mainly represented by teenagers and selfie lovers, today’s feeds and stories are characterized by the presence of influencers and companies of any kind, as well as very important personalities such as politicians and organizations.

How to Repost on Instagram

Consequently, the quality of the posts on the platform, as well as their usefulness, has gradually grown to the point of making this social network the favorite of many users. Often we want to share these images for their usefulness or their particularly important message; however, it should be noted that this possibility is not present either within the site or in the related applications. The practice of repost is also widely used because it brings important visibility advantages.

So let’s see how it is possible to make a repost of a photo on Instagram:

Best apps to repost on Instagram for free

The best way to post another person’s photos on Instagram is to rely on one of the many Instagram reposting applications.
Both on the Play Store and on the App Store you will find a very large selection of this type of app, but in the next few lines, I will show you the ones on which it is most worth paying attention.

So here are the best applications for reposting images on Instagram:

Repost for Instagram

  • The most popular application for reposting on Instagram and definitely Repost: for Instagram.
  • It is in fact software that has millions of downloads on the main app markets, namely, Play Store and App Store: Repost for Instagram is in fact available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • The service also works with IGTV posts, so even with movies: you can also customize the watermark that mentions the account that originally shared a particular post.
  • Repost: For Instagram is a totally free application.


Repost an Instagram Story

  • Another application to consider is undoubtedly FastSave.
  • Unfortunately, it is a tool that can only be downloaded from the App Store and is therefore only available for devices with an iOS system.
  • The great advantage of FastSave is to be able to repost Instagram photos and videos, always guaranteeing the obligation of credits to the original authors of the post itself.
  • The application is completely free, but with a small contribution, you can also remove the annoying advertisements that occasionally appear within the tool.

Repost us Instagram via screenshot

Once you have seen the best applications to re-share photos on Instagram, it is worth talking about an alternative that may be rawer, but certainly effective in the same way.
Furthermore, through this solution, you can avoid downloading and installing additional software on your device and preserve some of its memory.

  • The “trick” in question is to take a screenshot of the image to reshare, and then post it as you are already used to doing normally.
  • Obviously, make sure to crop the photo precisely in order to perfectly adhere to the classic dimensions of
  • Instagram posts, and perhaps to tag the person or account you were inspired by.
  • In fact, unlike the applications seen previously, on these images there will be no label or item that will refer to the account from which you took the image, but through the tags, you can easily overcome the problem.

In this way, moreover, the “Repost” watermark will not appear on the photo, but the image will be identical to the original.

It is worth pointing out that the way in which to take screenshots on Android or iPhone depends on the device in question. Most of the time it is enough to simply use the combination of some physical buttons of the device, and on the network, you will surely find information about it.

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