Tips to Train and Improve Soft Skills or Soft Skills

Soft skills or soft skills are the order of the day. In case you are not yet familiar, it consists of skills and resources that you have at your fingertips to better perform your job or profession but that is not reflected in your resume. Among the soft skills, your communication skills, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership skills, critical thinking, resilience, and/or pressure tolerance stand out … But like any other personal or professional aspect, we can improve the soft skills that we bring from Series.

Developing Soft Skills in the Workplace

At the moment, these characteristics are not yet taught in colleges, universities, and business schools. Communication is increasingly being encouraged, for example. But we are still light years away from other countries where debate, oral presentations, or student initiative are encouraged. So where do you learn these soft skills? How to enhance them?

Soft skills are born and made

When the main soft skills or soft skills are mentioned, it is inevitable to think about our personality or character. And it is that these skills are closely linked to how a person is inside. Communication and leadership skills are more common in extroverts, while introverts stand out more for problem-solving or tolerance for pressure. So, are we tied to our personality? Can we improve our soft skills?

Strengthening, exercising, or improving soft skills is something that we can all do. Losing the fear of speaking in public, working in a team without feeling oppressed, or doing any task even when time is on us are examples of soft skills that can be trained if we do not bring them as standard. Better if it is the case. But if not, we are always in time to add them to our list of skills.

Soft Skills in the Workplace

One way to enhance your soft skills or improve your soft skills is through online courses. Obviously, there are courses designed to incorporate hard skills or professional skills, expand the knowledge related to your job. But there are also courses that will help you work on your soft skills. Like those proposed by Fundación Telefónica under the name Conecta Empleo, a distance training program to find a job or redirect your professional career.

Exercises to train every day

Now we know what soft skills we need or want to promote and we have put ourselves into it through courses or consultation material. The next step is to move from theory to practice. In the same way that losing the fear of public speaking is solved by speaking in public, all soft skills are worked in the same way. Exposing ourselves to situations in which we must put our soft skills into practice.

It’s more. There are soft skills and abilities that we can apply in our day-to-day lives beyond our workday. If we practice sports or any other activity, there it is easier to apply and improve soft skills. For example, teamwork, conflict resolution, adaptation to change, tolerance to pressure, or decision-making. And if you do not practice any activity that gives rise to situations in which to apply soft skills, you have a wide and varied range to sign up for.

Soft Skills Training

In addition to participating in projects in which we must apply soft skills, inside and outside our work environment, we must take note of the different profiles that we have around us. We will discover the different roles and points of view. And we can apply the best of each in due course. Nor does it hurt to learn from our own experience by noting the aspects to improve or those already consolidated.

Secondly. There are companies that facilitate this task by promoting courses and activities within their own offices to enhance and improve the soft skills of their employees. However, it is not something that depends on us.

The ultimate purpose is to be able to show and apply in your day-to-day life that you have a good resume with soft skills that will serve you for two things: improve your job performance and help you with your job interviews or promotion or promotion interviews when the time comes. moment.

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